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What Is It?

PlanHammer is a fully featured work
breakdown structure software with robust
project management capabilities.

Fully expandable and collapsable
work breakdown structure.

Breakdown your project within the only WBS software that allows task
assignment and full collaboration with your team mates.

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Expand and Collapse
WBS Subtasks

Expand and collapse task trees anywhere in your WBS to display only the branch in your diagram that you are working on right now.

Quickly View Task
Details from the WBS

Details for each task in your WBS are easily available from any task by clicking the "i" info button.

Switch display styles
for subtasks

Choose to display subtasks in list or expanded style separately for each parent task in your WBS chart.

Easily Add and
Remove Tasks

Building out your project's structure has never been so easy. In minutes create all of the project deliverables and their substasks.

Online WBS Chart

Present your WBS diagram!

An interactive online wbs chart that looks great whether you
share screen, chromecast, or print out as a PDF and distribute
to all meeting attendees.

WBS Software

A WBS software that effortlessly generates project structure and deliverables.

Generate your WBS online quickly, whether you created the tasks in WBS, GANTT, or any of the other views in the project management software.

WBS Diagram Generator

Visualize your project.

Create a WBS diagram by breaking down your top level tasks in an intuitive project visualization which makes it natural for you or your project managers to focus on deliverables from the early stages of the project.

WBS Chart Software

Fully interactive, zoom and pan.

As you work through your project's structure, switch between zoom levels so that the big picture is always kept in alignment whilst not letting the details slip or lose focus when getting in the flow.

WBS Tool

Show only what's relevant.

Expand and collapse subtask trees with a single click so that the work breakdown structure generated is showing only what is necessary for the task or viewer at hand.

Work Breakdown Structure Software

Print WBS as a PDF for offline viewing.

Easily export your WBS diagram as a PDF to share with external users and deliver as hard copies at meetings and conferences.

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