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What Is It?

With PlanHammer your RACI Chart Template Generates Itself
An easy to use RACI Chart Tool along with all other RACI Project Managment functionality.

When tasks are created and assigned the RACI chart tool automatically updates RACI status Project collaborators are automatically added to the chart, and freeform entry for Stakeholders and the like. Each task can have many resources with their own RACI status

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Easily Change RACI Assignments
Point and Click Online RACI chart creator.

On the task detail panel, simply click to update RACI roles for any resource.

Add RACI specific Resources

Unlike project collaborators, these are resources that will not interact with the RACI software.

Dedicated RACI Chart Generator

All tasks and resources on your project are automatically added to the chart.

Manage Resources on the RACI Diagram

Modification to your RACI chart also can happen directly on the chart.

RACI Chart Template

Make division of responsibilities easy.

Clearly define RACI structure and communicate each resource's
role within the context of the project as a whole, and each individual task.

RACI Diagram

Intelligently filled in for you.

RACI roles for each task are automatically filled in as tasks are assigned so that a complete and thorough RACI diagram is defined, and project communication plans are prepared.

RACI Software

Define project RACI roles automatically.

An at-a-glance overview of yours, and each team member´┐Żs roles within the project is generated by the RACI software.

RACI Online

Keep the right people in the loop.

So that approval, sign-off, and guidance can be gathered from the correct person and role.

RACI Chart

Identify resource overloading.

Any resource that is overloaded on the RACI chart will stick out like a sore thumb, allowing appropriate corrective action to be taken.

RACI Diagram Template

Export as a CSV

Create a RACI chart template, or just backup or share the old school way.

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