Fully Integrated Risk Management Tool
For Creating Risk Logs Online

Create a Risk Register
What Is It?

Planhammer Is a Collaborative Project Management Tool
Incorporating Project Risk Log That's Easy To Use

Forget a Risk Register Template.

Create a Project Risk Register As You Elaborate Your Project Plan
Associate risks with any tasks in the project
Assign responsibilities, Mitigation Plans, and Calculate Risk Impacts.

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A Risk Management Tool
that complements planning.

Progressively elaborate risk identification and prioritize using the simple risk scoring calculator.

Generate Your Risk Log
without a risk register template.

Easily generate a risk breakdown structure for your project bottom up or top down.

View Risks from the
Project or Task Level.

Nobody on your team should ask "what is a risk register" , they'll get in the swing without even knowing it.

Attach Files

Associate files with each individual risk in the risk register.

Risk Breakdown Structure

See which risks are most important.

Quickly score and prioritize your project's risk register to find risks
with the highest probability of occurrence and impact if they do.

Risk Register Tool

Everyone can contribute.

Your risk breakdown structure shouldn’t be something that is done in a corner by the PM. Simply add risks to any task, which are then rolled up into the project’s risk register.

Project Risk Register

Associate risks with tasks.

So that project resources and team mates know what to look out for, and are able to effectively contribute to project risk planning without extra effort.

Create a Risk Register

Attach files to specific risks.

Easily import existing risk mitigation and contingency plans into the risk register software, or attach any relevant information that will be helpful in risk response plans.

Risk Breakdown Structure Template

Export as a CSV

Download your risk register as a CSV template or backup to be shared or utilized in existing processes.

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