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What Is It?

PlanHammer is a collaborative PM tool
incorporating online GANTT chart software with powerful
features in a simple interface.

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Quickly schedule your project's tasks with our online GANTT chart creator tool that auto-schedules dependencies for you.

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Easily schedule task start dates
Point and Click Online GANTT chart tool.

Quickly drag and drop GANTT tasks to update start and end dates for project activities.

Automatically schedule tasks with dependencies.

Easily re-schedule individual or groups of dependent tasks either in the gantt view or within the task info panel.

Update task duration fast.

Easily modify your online gantt chart task's duration with just a few clicks.

Mark task completeness with a click.

Update and view each task's progress directly on your gantt chart.

Online GANTT Chart Generator

Easily see what’s coming next.

Quickly view upcoming milestones, tasks, and their dependencies
so that your project schedule is clear to you and the entire team.

Online GANTT Chart

What’s done and what’s left at a glance.

Updating task progress is a simple hover and click away with intuitive in context menus that put simple interfaces on top of a powerful online gantt chart tool.

GANTT Chart Generation Tool

Identify which tasks are most important.

Critical tasks are automatically marked as you progressively elaborate, making your gantt chart generation tool an integral yet unobtrusive part of your planning and controlling process.

Online GANTT Chart Maker

Share schedule with stakeholders.

As you work through your project’s structure, switch between zoom levels so that the big picture is always kept in alignment whilst not letting the details slip or lose focus when getting in the flow.

GANTT Chart Diagram

View relationships between tasks.

The full featured dependency set including leads and lags are presented on all tasks info panel, as well as visually on the gantt chart diagram.

GANTT Chart Creator Online

Show when tasks are due.

As a project manager, easily set due dates visually, or give project resources the reigns so that they can set estimated end dates which then roll up to generate your GANTT chart for you.

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