Simple Kanban Boards
Together with Traditional Project Management

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What Is It?

Planhammer Is a Collaborative Project Management Tool
Incorporating Kanban Software That's Easy To Use

Create a Kanban Board Online.

Assign tasks, color cards, and limit work in progress.

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Quickly organize your project
with an agile kanban board.

In order to manage work in progress in a way that is preferred by teams worldwide.

Agile Kanban Board

Task Status and Progress
At a Glance.

Flip through your project's online kanban board to easily see progress and priority.

Online Kanban Board

Details at a glance
access all task info with a click.

View and edit all task details without ever leaving the kanban web app.

kanban web app

Set Agile Board
Status Anywhere

Simply select the task's agile board status from the info panel on any screen.

Agile Board
Kanban Agile Board

Limit work in progress.

Use the agile kanban board to visualize work in progress and
keep bottlenecks from occurring, or assign resources to
unjam them before they spill out of control.

Kanban Online

Prioritize tasks.

Reduce any uncertainty as to what should be worked on next, and in what order the project deliverables are in terms of prioritization.

Kanban Project Management

Filter relevant tasks

Pull relevant tasks into their own board so that a clear focus is given to the immediate objective, removing any uncertainty avoiding lost in the crowd syndrome.

Kanban Planning

Point out blockers with colors.

Mark tasks as blockers, or belonging to a special category by selecting a color for them in the info tab.

Kanban Online Tool

Visually see status.

Find out where things are at from a glance at the online kanban. Making it easy to quickly report back where things are, and what's next.

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