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Using a wbs tool effectively

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The Importance of using a WBS Tool WBS charts are visual documents that break down every activity in the project to ensure that nothing is skipped over, forgotten or neglected. Projects that are high value can’t afford to be skipping steps. Imagine, just for a minute, the construction of a commercial building. The building plans can span several hundred pages long and are subject to constant editing and reprints. Starting with the project manager of a general contracting company, the building plans are broken up into large sections or chapters….read more


What is a Work Breakdown Structure and Why Should You Use One?

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What is a Work Breakdown Structure? Knowing how to construct a proper work breakdown structure (WBS) is essential for those looking to succeed in project management and systems engineering. For those that are new to project management and want to know what is a work breakdown structure, it can be defined as a “key project deliverable that organizes the team’s work into manageable sections.” Well-constructed work breakdown structures will create a tight visually defined scope of the project’s goals, in chunks that a project team can understand at each level…read more