11 Benefits of using a RACI Project Management Software

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Business can get messy, especially when tasks and roles are unclear.  While not every element of a project or business task can be accounted for, there are plenty of ways to take out some of the guesswork of running a business.  There are different programs available to help organize and manage certain people with specific tasks, and usually it’s kind of RACI project management software.

Whether it’s hiring people to join the team, or assigning responsibilities, using the right program can put a business on track to succeed.  If you need more accountability at your management level, programs can keep businesses on track.  If you’ve never heard of these types of programs, you may want to start.

A RACI project management software is an excellent tool for managers and supervisors to use.  It allows them to assign different tasks to different team members.  If there is a new hire, they can catch up on what’s going on, and what they will be held accountable for.  It’s a practical program for any company that needs to stay on top of their deadlines.

RACI Software

RACI Project Management Template Guidelines

Benefits of RACI project management software

RACI stands for: Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed.  There are many benefits of using RACI project management template to help your business succeed.  Here are some ways RACI works to keep everyone on the same page.  It’s the ideal program for any manager to stay accountable for any business decision.  While some companies may feel they have everything under control, using a project RACI software helps maintain their excellence.

An up to date RACI project management software is more of an extra management parameter, allowing the company to focus on completing tasks, rather than taking notes and wondering who would be a good fit on a specific team.  Assigning people tasks, and laying out the plans can be very beneficial to the company, and can help them save plenty of time and money.

No matter if you’re planning on doling out tasks, or need to see who is not holding up on their team, using a RACI chart is an ideal way to get everyone on the same page.  When part of  project management software, it’s also easy to keep up with, and avoids reliance on a RACI project management template, allowing for more people to focus on completing a project.


Makes Roles and Responsibilities Clear, Reducing Confusion

When you use the matrix to assign roles and tasks, it makes it easy to understand who does what.  In many instances, people can become confused on how to perform a different role, especially if it is out of their normal job title.  Taking the time and outlying what roles people play will cut down on the confusion.

One of the best things about the RACI project management template is that multiple roles and tasks can be assigned to multiple people.  This is important for those working on a large project with other people.  When team members can clearly see what they need to do, and how to do it, the task becomes easier.

Cutting down on any confusion can prevent delays, and clearly defines what is to be expected.  It’s a practical tool for those that need to stay in communication without bothering one another constantly.  It also prevents directly blame to someone else, when it was clearly someone’s responsibility.  It’s a way to keep people accountable, and not just on the lower levels.


Everyone is Accountable

When taking responsibility, some managers may deflect any criticism to their lower level team members.  Even if it is a manager’s responsibility, they may deflect those issues, and blame someone else.  It can be difficult to hold manager’s accountable if they don’t accept responsibility.  Luckily, the project RACI software can hold them accountable.

Not only are their tasks listed, but it outlines what they are responsible for.  It can appear that it only works for bad managers, but when things go right, they can be rewarded for anything that goes right, but in a RACI chart, it lists everyone, starting at the bottom and going to the top.  This is ideal to ensure the right people are doing the job.

Once again, it’s the best way to ensure the right employees are held accountable for any decision they make.  It is an excellent way to ensure the right people get the credit for any good or bad that happens with a decision.  There is no way to steal the spotlight, or deflect blame for a decision.


Assess Workloads

After tasks are assigned, one can track how a specific person’s workload looks.  If it looks like they have more than they can handle, tasks and assignments can be reassigned.  This is ideal for those that may have taken too much on at the same time.  Tracking their workload will ensure efficiency from that person.

By using the right RACI project management template, not only can it help with people who have taken too many assignments on, it can also reward people who have learned their tasks.  They can be reassigned new projects that can help them grow, and keep them working.  It is an excellent motivating tool for those that have shown they are ready to move up in the company.

Assessing workloads don’t have to be put directly on the manager’s shoulders.  Instead the program tracks their workload, thus saving time, and keeping a record.  It’s practical for any business to have their best employees doing their best, and producing positive results.  Those that need help can get it, and those that shine can be rewarded.


Team Operates More Smoothly

Since everyone is aware of their tasks and duties, communication becomes easier and faster.  No more vague emails will be sent, since everyone is aware of what is going on.  Everyone can come together, and make the project come together.  When everyone is on the same page, any questions can be answered quickly and efficiently.

Not only is communication easier, everyone knows what their responsibilities and tasks are.  This is ideal for ensuring any project is completed quickly and accurately.  Team members can consult with one another, especially when they’re having trouble with a task.  Cutting down on the confusion lets team members work smoothly.

When taking on any project, it’s important every part is running smoothly to ensure everything gets done.  RACI project management software makes any project appear to be broken down easily enough for everyone to understand what’s going on.  No one gets left in the dark when they’re all on the same page.


Puts Priorities on Project Resources

One of the toughest things about running a project is knowing where to put the resources.  If one area of the project is slacking, more resources can be placed in those areas.  Other times, if a part of a project doesn’t require too much attention, resources can be diverted.  This is ideal for completing any project on a deadline.

Not only are resources being used wisely, the projects RACI software helps save money.  Instead of wasting money on a part of a project that doesn’t require too much attention, funds can be diverted to a more pressing issue.  It’s ideal for any company to ensure projects don’t go over budget by wasting them on other resources.

The bottom line is crucial to any company, and spending money where it doesn’t have to be spent, will add up.  To increase the bottom line, knowing where your resources should go will help improve your bottom line in the future.


Check Your Staffing Levels

Fully staffing a company can be difficult if you don’t know where you need more people.  Using the RACI project management software allows you to pinpoint holes in your company so they can be filled.  Whether you need to hire temp workers or a full-time employee, knowing your weaknesses allows you to address them.

If you have too many people in one department, it may be possible to relocate them to a new department.  It’s practical for those that are ready for a challenge, and need to move up in the company.  Not only can you promote from within, employees can see where the job openings are so they can apply.

Using a RACI project management template is a win-win situation for the company and the employee, because any weak spots can be filled, and employees can apply for a promotion.  It’s a practical way to stay on top of each department without spending too much time or resources locating the areas that need to be filled.


New Team Members are Seamlessly Incorporated

If someone leaves the team, either voluntarily or involuntarily, new team members can get caught up to speed with everything that is going on.  This is practical for saving time and money on training, and catching them up to speed.  Since everyone can see where more resources are needed, positions can fill up quickly.

No matter how someone leaves a position in the company, it can leave a hole that is difficult to fill.  When they leave, they take their experience and knowledge of the position with them.  It’s important for those that are coming in to know what’s expected from them. Maintaining an up to date project RACI chart allows them to blend in, and hit the ground running.

Training a new team member requires resources that may not be available right away, and lost time is something that cannot be replaced.  Allowing people to come in and know what’s expected of them allows the company to keep chugging along on a project easily.


Identifies Those Avoiding Responsibility

When team members try, and avoid responsibility, others have to take on those responsibilities.  This creates mistrust between team members, which can result in a toxic environment.  If that happens, projects can get delayed, or even canceled.  This isn’t good for anyone that wants to work on a big project.  It creates a lot of problems, and can take some time to replace that trust.

Knowing who is dodging responsibility allows the managers to step in and find out what is going on.  Addressing any problems is crucial to preventing any future issues that may arise.  Even if a team member doesn’t have much to contribute, if they’re not willing to take on extra work for a project, it hurts the whole team.

It’s imperative that any issues regarding responsibility is addressed quickly to avoid any setbacks.  Projects have deadlines, and when those deadlines are missed, contracts can become null and voided.  Encouraging team members to be responsible will help the company move forward, and complete future projects.  No matter what needs to be done, squashing any issues will help the company in the long-term.


Authority is Clearly Defined to External Vendors and Contractors

Many times, when a vendor or contractor is in the office, they may not who they need to speak to about something going on in the office.  This confusion can lead to miscommunication where something may not be properly delivered or completed.  It’s important those contractors and vendors know exactly who to talk to, and ensure they follow directions.

Knowing where to go and who to talk to is imperative to ensure there is no confusion.  Even if they’re required to sign in with a security guard, they may receive improper directions.  Preventing this confusion is important, especially when it comes to dealing with sensitive materials.  Even if they have an idea of who they need to speak with, having evidence to back them up. A RACI project management software is the right tool to be used on order to solve this issue.

Speaking with the proper authority is important for security reasons, and to ensure everything is where it needs to be.  Some people can say they’re with a specific vendor, but if they don’t have clearance, they may not be admitted.  Also, instead of calling ahead, they can arrange an appointment, and the authority they need to speak with can ensure they receive clearance.


Communication is Easier Between Team Members

As part of a smooth-running operation, it is important that team members can communicate quickly and easily.  Vague emails and distressed calls don’t need to be placed at the last minute, which can lead to confusion.  No matter what the emergency level of the problem, any issues can be resolved quickly and easily.

Even if it is a quick question regarding a project where a manager doesn’t need to be involved, team members can communicate with one another directly.  They can see who has what responsibility and address them right away.  It’s a practical way to ensure team members stay in communication with one another to ensure they get their questions answered.

With a project RACI software not only are team members easy to communicate with, they can find the right person for a more serious complaint.  While most companies have an HR department to handle internal issues, having someone readily available allows team members to direct the right person.  This cuts down on any prolonging issues that may happen in the office.  It’s important to take any inquiry seriously, and open communication is paramount to establishing trust within the company.


Reduces Overlap

Projects can overlap easily when no one is paying attention.  Tasks can get repeated, or mistakes can keep occurring, if there is no direction.  By using the RACI project management software, teams can look to make sure one area of the project isn’t getting done by another team.  Preventing overlap allows the project to come completely together.

If one area of the project is overlooked, and multiple teams are working on the same thing, it can set the project back.  Ensuring that every team knows what task to do makes the project run more smoothly.  It’s practical for those that need to make sure they’re staying on the right track.

Even though tasks can be tedious, it is important that every team focuses on their tasks.  This ensures nothing gets repeated or left out of a project.  Nothing is worse than having a project completed, only to have to go back and redo part of the project.  Reducing overlap saves time and money for everyone in the company.



In today’s technological world, there are many applications and software programs to make working easier and faster. There’s no good reason to still be using a spreadsheet based RACI chart template   No matter how small or large the company is, a project RACI software can help make things run smoother for the company.

Team members know what is to be expected from them, and communication is a lot easier.  It is easy to tell team members what to do, but if they’re not following procedures, they may need to speak with a manager.  Not only does it help projects get organized, it keeps people accountable for what they’re doing.

RACI charts save a business a lot of time and money, especially in the long-term.  New team members can get caught up to speed quickly, and overlap will be an issue of the past.  This is ideal for any company that takes on numerous projects at once.  Some companies can become disorganized, and nothing gets accomplished.

If your company is just starting out, or constantly makes the Fortune 500 list, using a project RACI software like the one in PlanHammer as an integrated part of your project planning software helps you stay organized and allows your team members to communicate quickly and easily.