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What is a online GANTT chart creator and what are its advantages?

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Why worry about the advantages of a online GANTT Chart? One of the biggest elements that you need to have together when you are managing a project at work is organization. Thankfully, there are many infrastructures in place that you can use to organize projects and schedule it so that you can see the progress of the smaller projects that you have within bigger, overarching picture of the project you are working on.   Today we are going to be discussing some of the critical advantages of using a Gantt…read more


GANTT Chart Basics and Strategies to be the best WBS GANTT Chart Creator

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Gantt Chart Definition A Gantt chart represents mainly a visual progress chart that can give people an overview of the tasks, start dates and end dates of a project. It is a type of bar chart that provides a visual representation of a to-do list for a project. The chart is named after Henry Gantt, who developed it between 1910 and 1915. It gained widespread acceptability and was considered revolutionary when Henry Gantt was hired by Gen. William Cozier at the start of World War I to help with the…read more


What is a GANTT Chart and How Do GANTT Charts Help Me on My Project?

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There are many different kinds of charts used for effective project management within companies around the world. Some of these charts include the Gantt, PERT, WBS GANTT Chart, Pareto, Process Control, and the Work Breakdown Structure charts. Gantt charts, however, are one of the most useful tools in business and project management. Named after Henry Gantt, these charts were essentially designed to get the job done in a timely fashion, under a specified budget. Here we will explore the benefits of the simple Gantt charts and how to make it…read more