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How does applying a Risk Breakdown Structure Help with Risk Management?

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A good project manager should be able to manage the risks of a project effectively and keep the project on track. Easier said than done, right? A risk breakdown structure approach is used across the globe as a helpful tool for achieving this. Basically a risk breakdown structure creates a hierarchical overview of all identified risks in a project. Not only does it create a hierarchical overview, you will also have a logical bundling or categorization of the types of risks you expect to encounter during the lifecycle of a…read more


PlanHammer’s WBS Software for Project Management

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PlanHammer’s WBS Software Project management is a big job. It always seems that something is always changing – there’s this dynamic aspect of it. On the surface, it appears that project managers are the overseers and the taskmasters that only serve to get in the way of getting things done, but when you look under the hood, there is a lot more going on than meets the eye. What Is a WBS Chart? A WBS chart is short for a work breakdown structure, which are generated using any WBS creator….read more


What is a GANTT Chart and How Do GANTT Charts Help Me on My Project?

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There are many different kinds of charts used for effective project management within companies around the world. Some of these charts include the Gantt, PERT, WBS GANTT Chart, Pareto, Process Control, and the Work Breakdown Structure charts. Gantt charts, however, are one of the most useful tools in business and project management. Named after Henry Gantt, these charts were essentially designed to get the job done in a timely fashion, under a specified budget. Here we will explore the benefits of the simple Gantt charts and how to make it…read more


Risk Register Basics and High Level Tips For Any Type of Project

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A risk register is a project management tool that allows companies to assess, plan for and mitigate risks. As part of a larger contingency plan, a project risk register is a reference document that allows stakeholders, project managers and team members to be aware of potential risks involved in any given project. Communication is a core project management aspect. In fact, that’s one of the reasons why product managers manage projects – they are good communicators. As a whole, every aspect of a project must be communicated effectively to stakeholders,…read more


Our Mission – PM Software that helps individuals contribute towards project planning

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At PlanHammer our mission is to integrate project planning into team member’s everyday activities, while incorporating the realities of day to day life and work. Our name “PlanHammer” derives from the idea that the best way to accomplish anything is to break it down (with a hammer) into manageable pieces. In the case of the PlanHammer application the PM is able to jot down a high level specification which is then assigned to a team member, or multiple team members, who, since they are familiar with the project’s intricacies, able…read more