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What Is It?

So in case you were
wondering what this is all about...

PlanHammer fuses
traditional and agile PM.

It's a traditional project management and planning tool for upstream reporting, wrapped together
with agile downstream task assignment boards , optimized for collaboration and communication
in the browser, tablets, and mobile.

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wbs creator

Import and Export Your Data

Import and Export MS Project files to get started quickly and ensure compliance with data backup policies. Export as CSV is also available.

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Progressive Elaboration

It’s easy to brain dump your ideas, and then come back later to add color, break down, schedule and assign. No need to create the perfect project plan in one sitting. Plus, it’s awesome when your team-mates can add sub-tasks for you to schedule and prioritize, or when you add tasks they can easily estimate to get durations defined so your timeline fills itself out.

collaborative project management software

Collaborative Project Management

Invite your colleagues to help hammer out the project plan. Anyone you invite will not have to pay to work on projects they have been invited to, but will need to upgrade to create their own. As you comment back in forth, email notifications keep you updated. Link directly to tasks by opening the info tab and copying the URL.

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Easy and Accurate Task Estimation Software

Sometimes it’s tough to get the entire team contributing to estimation and scheduling. The Easy to use Expected Time calculator gives project resources the guidance to get started and provide accurate timelines.

simple gantt chart

Quickly View Dependencies, and Progress towards Milestones

As you and the rest of the team add tasks and estimates, add dependencies and sequence the tasks on the GANTT chart to make visualizations easy.

progressive elaboration

Prioritize Tasks and Visualize to Limit Work In Progress

Agile Kanban boards are typically used to prioritize tasks by dragging and dropping them to groom your backlog. If a list has a jam up of cards, it’s easy to see so that you can get in and break the bottleneck.

project managment tool

View Current Status Quickly

Flipping through PlanHammer’s views provides a fast status check of your project’s overall health. Invite stakeholders to your project so that they can flip through at their leisure.

project planning software

Identify and Mitigate Risks Without Getting To Formal or Suffering through Long Meetings

Creating a risk register shouldn’t be a stuffy affair with a bunch of made up scenarios. PlanHammer democratizes risk management so that all the project’s resources are able to add potential risks directly from their tasks which are automatically added to the risk register for prioritization and discussion.

acceptance criteria checklists

Task Checklists for Requirements, Quality Control or To Do Lists

Simple checklists in the info panel of each task allow Project Managers to quickly add acceptance criteria, quality specifications, or just a list of things to do related to that task.

wbs tool

Online WBS Tool for the Big Picture Overview

Expand and collapse your WBS chart to easily display the level of detail required for your project’s stakeholders.

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Save all the files

Easily attach files from GoogleDrive, DropBox, and upload files from your computer directly to tasks.

View your project from all different angles.

Use all or one, up to you.

How Do I Get It?

Will my team-mates have to pay to use PlanHammer?

If you are the project manager, all of your teammates that you invite will not have to pay, and can create projects of their own.

I received an invitation to
collaborate on a project.
Do I need to pay to keep my account?

No, you can collaborate on projects you have been invited to for free without paying. You can even create projects of your own with a free account, as long as the person's account who invited you remains in good standing.

Non-Profit or Startup?

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